Author Reading Phobia

The first time someone suggested I do an author reading, I laughed and said, “I would never ever in a million years do that. Not me, no way.”

But now I have!
Twice, and counting.
Thanks to Tagan Shepard and Louise McBain, two friends and fellow authors. They got me to do what I never thought I would. And, you know what, it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be, especially with the two of them propping me up.

Louise, Tagan, and I have embarked on an Author Reading Trio Tour, with the goal of hitting lesbian bars up and down the East Coast. First we hit A League of Her Own in Washington, DC and then ventured to Babe’s of Carytown in Richmond, VA. At both events, all three of us read from our contribution to Save the Date, a queer wedding themed anthology recently released by Bella Books.

Author Reading, Save the Date, Lesbian Bar, A League of Her Own

Next up, we’ll travel to NYC to continue our lesbian bar extravaganza, as Louise likes to call it. I’ll read from my upcoming release, On the Fence, a book about a group of female art thieves. Louise will read from her next release, Astrid Inside/Out and Tagan will read from her new release, Swipe Right. All three of our stories are based in Washington, DC.

For anyone who’s scared to do an author reading like I was, I say try doing it with another pal. That, and practice, a lot. The key is to walk in there like you own the place. Good luck!

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