From her perch on the patio, Ellen studied the dark-haired woman. She was standing alone on the street corner, clutching a clipboard tight against her lean frame. Her eyes grew wide as they met each passerby. “Are you registered to vote?” She asked anyone within earshot. When a gust of wind whipped through the air, the woman tugged her too thin cotton jacket snug around her neck and tucked her hair behind her ear for the millionth time, only to have it blown loose again seconds later. Keep Reading!


In my opinion, the best way to experience a city is by walking, so a lot of my suggestions involve, you guessed it, walking. But, because I couldn’t help myself, the list includes a few special places to eat and two bookstores.

  1. Walk or bike along Beach Drive (closed to traffic on weekends & holiday) through the beauty of Rock Creek Park. For the more adventurous, there are tons of trails in the neighboring woods, many of which are marked with USPS trail signs. Keep Reading!


In today’s world, it’s easy to get down about the state of things. We have an abundance of corrupt and feckless leaders. I won’t name names. We all know who the worst culprits are. The Amazon is being destroyed at an alarming rate, the ocean is full of plastic waste and the Great Barrier Reef was recently downgraded to very poor. People are fleeing their homes because of war, violence, extreme poverty, oppression, climate change, you name it. And there’s just so much hate. It isn’t a pretty picture. Keep Reading!

Being a Whistleblower ‘Aint Easy!

Fare Game is about Kay Corbett, an airline executive who witnesses unscrupulous practices at Logan Airlines, the fictional airline where she works. Ultimately, she joins forces with Riley Bauer, the brilliant beauty in Finance, to blow the whistle on a massive price fixing scheme at the company. None of the top brass at Logan wants the secret to get out: they’re swindling passengers through higher fares and defrauding investors. The questions is, how far will they go to stop the truth from being exposed? Keep Reading!

Writing The Schuyler House: Inspiration from a real-life heist.

Source: Boston Globe

The Schuyler House begins with the story of four female art thieves, some of whom end up on the run. Oddly, I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of being on the run. Only the notion, of course; I’ve never actually committed a crime in my life.

A few years ago, I read a book about a woman who was on the run from the law and she made all sorts of stupid mistakes and ended up being captured. This made me want to write a story about a woman on the run who is smart enough not to get caught. As I thought about it more, I thought it would be cool if this woman was part of an all-female group of thieves. Keep Reading!

On the move: Answering the door when opportunity knocks.

During our seventeen years together, my wife and I have moved a lot. When I say a lot, I mean a lot. And neither one of us is in the military. Before I started to write this post, I tried to write down all of our addresses that I could remember and I came up with eleven “permanent” addresses—places where we lived for at least nine months. When I add in the various short term corporate apartments that we’ve also occupied, the total number of addresses is closer to fifteen. My godmother uses one of those old school address books and she grumbles that my addresses have taken up an entire section.

Some of our moves have been within the same city (back before we had much real furniture and when house flipping was the craze) but most moves have been across state lines and one was across an ocean. Mostly we move for my wife’s job but we’ve moved for my job too. Keep Reading!