This is a list of websites and blogs I find really useful.

  • Library ATM: For Authors. Let’s you see which library systems (in the US) have your books.
  • Iconsvg: Free icons to use on your website or any other project.
  • For readers. An alternative to Amazon. They say 75% of their profits support local, independent bookstores. Here’s a recent article about the site from the NYT.
  • Canva. A free, easy to use graphics site. I love it. Easy to format photos and graphics for social media posts and banners.
  • Power thesaurus. The name of the site says it all.
  • Dictionary and thesaurus + reverse dictionary.
  • An easy, free site that allows you to convert pdfs to jpgs and vice versa.
  • The Write Practice. A blog for writers.
  • The Creative Penn. Loads of resources to help you resources to help you write, publish, and market your book.
  • Pub rants. A Literary agent indulges in polite rants about queries, writers, and the publishing industry.
  • A site that aims to ‘Fire Up Your Writing’.
  • Jane Friedman. A publishing industry expert. I’ve found her site to be a great source of advice and tips.
  • Scripts & Screenplays. This blog post was recommended by a budding screen writer named Anna. It includes a list of resources specific to scripts & screenplays.

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