A View from Three Very Different Inaugurations

I attended Obama’s inauguration.
I opted to skip Trump’s inauguration
I’d planned to attend Biden’s inauguration.

The three inaugurations could not have been more different, and my personal experience with each of them was dramatically different as well (my wife and I have lived in Washington, DC for a good chunk of the last 20 years).

OBAMA: The message delivered by the newly minted President Obama was one of hope, unity and promise. It was frigid in DC on the day of his inauguration, but that did not quell the joy emanating from the massive crowd spilled across the National Mall. Hotels in the city were booked solid and the inaugural balls were boisterous (We attended three of them).

Of course, this also meant that flights in and out of DC surrounding the inauguration were booked solid too and I played a unique role in this department.Continue reading “A View from Three Very Different Inaugurations”

A chat with Bella authors Stacy Lynn Miller, Louise McBain, and Cade Haddock Strong

Lesfic authors Stacy Lynn Miller, Louise McBain, and Cade Haddock Strong introduce their new novels and share some fun facts about themselves.

For many of us, the cold dark months of winter are fast approaching. We’ve got three fantastic new books for you to curl up with. 

The three of us teamed up to chat about our new books and share some odd tidbits about ourselves! Like 2020, our conversation is a bit scattered. We start with something we currently can’t do (travel) and end with something we’re doing a lot more of (cooking). Read more:

Box Night!

Right before a book releases into the world, a box of author copies arrives. It’s a really big day no matter how many books you’ve published. Opening that box is akin to being a kid on Christmas morning.

I’m fortunate to live near a number of other Bella authors, and one of them, Louise McBain, and I both have books releasing in December, 2020. So, we thought, why not open our boxes of author copies together? We deemed it ‘box night’.Continue reading “Box Night!”