A View from Three Very Different Inaugurations

I attended Obama’s inauguration.I opted to skip Trump’s inaugurationI’d planned to attend Biden’s inauguration. The three inaugurations could not have been more different, and my personal experience with each of them was dramatically different as well (my wife and I have lived in Washington, DC for a good chunk of the last 20 years). OBAMA:Continue reading “A View from Three Very Different Inaugurations”

Haddock Strong Heist Almanac, Volume 1

The romance of the heist is undeniable. No mere burglary, a heist implies… that there is a treasure, a protagonist with the patience, planning, coordination… and ideally, a daring escape. – The Quartz, December 2019.  I’m obsessed with heists. Jewelry heists. Art heists. Cold hard cash heists. It doesn’t matter. The intrigue of the mastermind thief. TheContinue reading “Haddock Strong Heist Almanac, Volume 1”