What Flying Might Look Like in a Post-Coronavirus World

Since coronavirus arrived on the scene, hundreds of millions of people have lost their jobs and an innumerable number of small and large business have been crushed financially. Like many other sectors, demand for the service airlines provide evaporated virtually overnight. According to the TSA, the number of people traveling by plane has dropped byContinue reading “What Flying Might Look Like in a Post-Coronavirus World”

Haddock Strong Heist Almanac, Volume 1

The romance of the heist is undeniable. No mere burglary, a heist implies… that there is a treasure, a protagonist with the patience, planning, coordination… and ideally, a daring escape. – The Quartz, December 2019.  I’m obsessed with heists. Jewelry heists. Art heists. Cold hard cash heists. It doesn’t matter. The intrigue of the mastermind thief. TheContinue reading “Haddock Strong Heist Almanac, Volume 1”