Being a Whistleblower ‘Aint Easy!

Fare Game is about Kay Corbett, an airline executive who witnesses unscrupulous practices at Logan Airlines, the fictional airline where she works. Ultimately, she joins forces with Riley Bauer, the brilliant beauty in Finance, to blow the whistle on a massive price fixing scheme at the company. None of the top brass at Logan wants the secret to get out: they’re swindling passengers through higher fares and defrauding investors. The questions is, how far will they go to stop the truth from being exposed? Keep Reading!

The Canvasser. A short story.

Ellen watched the dark-haired woman standing on the street corner. The woman clutched her clipboard tight against her small frame, her eyes hopeful as they met each passerby. “Are you registered to vote?” she asked anyone who’d listen. A gust of wind whipped through the air and the woman pulled her too thin cotton jacket tight around her neck and tucked her long hair behind her ear for the millionth time, only to have it blown loose again moments later.

Most people hurried past her, like she wasn’t even there, but her perseverance didn’t waiver. Occasionally, someone grunted a response. Ellen was on the patio of her favorite neighborhood café, thankful for the warmth of a nearby heat lamp, and she could barely make out their muffled retorts. Keep Reading!